The English editions of Bella Donna books are beautifully illustrated by Marion Lindsay and the audio books are narrated by Deryn Edwards; The German editions which are translated by Nina Schindler, are also beautifully illustrated, this time by Franziska Harvey and the german audio books are narrated by Cathlen Gawlich.

Bella Donna: Witch Camp by Ruth Symes

Bella Donna is very excited to be going to her first witch camp, but then everything starts going wrong. Someone must have cast a spell – but who?

Cat Magic by Ruth Symes

When Pegatha begins to behave very strangely, and soon Bella realises that someone has cast a spell on her! But why would anyone bewitch a cat?

Too Many Spells by Ruth Symes

Bella Donna appears to be a regular girl at a regular school with her regular friends, but she has a secret – she is really a young witch!

Bella Donna Witchling

Bella Donna is a witchling – a young witch who must keep her powers a secret, and only use magic when she’s at home in the enchanted Coven Road – But it’s hard to stick to the rules when magic is such fun.

Bella Donna: Coven Road

Most girls dream of being a princess, but Bella Donna has always longed to be a witch. The only thing she wants more is to find a family to take her out of the children’s home where she lives. But no one seems quite right. Until she meets Lilith

Foreign Language Editions

Bella Donna books are also published in German with Chinese, Hebrew, Polish and Slovakian editions on the way.

Bella Donna: Too Many Spells by Ruth Symes

Das zweite Abenteuer von Hexenmädchen Bella Donner Wenn man noch klein ist, braucht man für vieles die Hilfe von Erwachsenen. Der Wunsch hexen zu können liegt da gar nicht so fern. Und genau das, so richtig gut zaubern zu können, ist der größte Wunsch …

Bella Donna: Coven Road by Ruth Symes

Welches Mädchen träumt nicht davon, etwas ganz Besonderes zu sein, magische Kräfte zu haben oder fliegen zu können? So wie die kleine Bella Donner. Die meisten Mädchen in ihrer Klasse wünschen sich, eine Prinzessin zu sein. Sie selbst wäre viel lieber eine Hexe. Noch größer ist nur ihr Wunsch nach einer richtigen Familie, die sie endlich aus dem Kinderheim abholt, in dem sie lebt. Als die geheimnisvolle Lilith das Kinderheim besucht, spürt Bella, dass beide Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen könnten …

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